Neal Garelik, President

Neal Garelik established Excel Security in 1992 to pursue his vision for a premium security organization.  His strategy emphasized the importance of creating a fully integrated security firm capable of providing the appropriate security solution combined with the highest level of service in the most cost effective manner.  With an initial focus on the commercial building and facility market, the organization expanded to meet the corporate demand for a higher level of protective services.  Excel, under Neal’s direction, was one of the first companies in the country to fully integrate security personnel, security training, systems installation and investigative services.   

Today, Neal continues to direct the strategic growth and diversification of Excel.  Neal has positioned Excel as the leading national security organization with a sophisticated technology driven, multidimensional protection, installation, investigative and monitoring center company.  Excel continues to provide corporations, facilities, educational institutions, property owners and high net-worth individuals with a full range of products and discreet solutions that enable them to respond to the threats and risks of the 21st Century.

Prior establishing Excel, Neal spent years as an Assistant Director of the Garment Center Security Council, where he developed creative security solutions designed to reduce crime within the Fashion Center Area of Manhattan. This experience enabled him to work closely with elite units and ranking members of the New York City Police Department as well as the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. 

Mr. Garelik is an honors graduate of Columbia University, a graduate of the New York City Police Department’s Police Academy and an honorary Captain.  He was elected a District Leader representing the Riverdale section of New York City and is a contributing author to several publications including The Encyclopedia of New York City.  Among his many professional, civic and philanthropic affiliations, Neal serves as one of the Chairs of Starlight’s Children Foundation and Broadway Cares.